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Observation Log 2/19/08: “USA 193” spy satellite flyover

February 19, 2008

Luck was not with me tonight. The cloud cover was about 95%, but a the few holes, moving quickly, might have given me a brief glimpse of this high, close pass. I’d gotten similarly lucky with the ISS before, but not this time. If the US Navy does not shoot down the satellite on Wednesday, perhaps I’ll have another chance on Thursday.

On the positive side, I’m delighted that friends and family have been in touch, asking how they might see some of the wonders in the sky!

Observation Log 2/15/08: ISS & Shuttle Atlantis

February 15, 2008

At 6:18 tonight I got to see the Space Station and Shuttle Atlantis fly nearly straight overhead. Wow…

For fun, I tried to capture the flight on video. I learned the value of reading the manual before I need to! I couldn’t recall how to set the camera to manually focus at infinity, which is required for recording stars. I got some video, but I’ll try again. It would be cool to show readers who’ve never seen the ISS how easy it is to spot.

Observation Log 2/14/08: ISS/Shuttle flyover

February 14, 2008

211450main_iss016e028403_thum.jpgAs I wrote last week, the docked ISS and Shuttle Atlantis have an impressive list of flyovers for New England this week. Tonight was the first clear night all week, so I was hopeful. I even called my Dad at the moment the show was starting, and he saw it. I called my wife, who I was en route to pick up at the train station, and she probably saw it. But I didn’t! Even with my sunroof open, and the GPS on so I knew where true North was, I missed it somehow. I was on the highway, so I really couldn’t spare a lot of time glancing at the sky.

Friday night will be an even better flyover, higher and brighter. And I don’t have to drive anywhere!

The Space Station will make some *great* evening passes next week!

February 9, 2008