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Observation Log 2/15/08: ISS & Shuttle Atlantis

February 15, 2008

At 6:18 tonight I got to see the Space Station and Shuttle Atlantis fly nearly straight overhead. Wow…

For fun, I tried to capture the flight on video. I learned the value of reading the manual before I need to! I couldn’t recall how to set the camera to manually focus at infinity, which is required for recording stars. I got some video, but I’ll try again. It would be cool to show readers who’ve never seen the ISS how easy it is to spot.

Observation Log 2/14/08: ISS/Shuttle flyover

February 14, 2008

211450main_iss016e028403_thum.jpgAs I wrote last week, the docked ISS and Shuttle Atlantis have an impressive list of flyovers for New England this week. Tonight was the first clear night all week, so I was hopeful. I even called my Dad at the moment the show was starting, and he saw it. I called my wife, who I was en route to pick up at the train station, and she probably saw it. But I didn’t! Even with my sunroof open, and the GPS on so I knew where true North was, I missed it somehow. I was on the highway, so I really couldn’t spare a lot of time glancing at the sky.

Friday night will be an even better flyover, higher and brighter. And I don’t have to drive anywhere!

The Space Station will make some *great* evening passes next week!

February 9, 2008