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NetNewsWire has made browsing fun again!

February 10, 2008

netnewswire-icon-128.pngIf you’re using two or more Macs that are synchronized with .Mac, and you use Safari to track RSS feeds, this is the tip for you! This thing rocks.

For months, I’ve been limping along with two Macs, Safari RSS, and .Mac, and it was a huge hassle. .Mac is supposed to synchronize the state of your RSS feeds between machines (since OS X 10.4.4, I believe), but it doesn’t. What it does do it corrupt your Syndication database periodically, requiring a Reset Safari to recover.

This is a huge inconvenience, because (until Safari 3.x/OS X 10.4.10) resetting Safari also deleted all saved forms, passwords, and cookies.

Is my iPod or iPod mini battery OK?

July 23, 2004

A few good Apple articles about iPod batteries.

Temperature graph

I bought my first iPod three years ago, the weekend they first were sold. I bought my second iPod, a 20G model, the first weekend it was sold. I have another that isn’t a year old yet, and Jan has one as well. All of them still work fine, and get about 8 hours’ use from a fresh charge.

Still, I know how to take care of my iPods’ batteries. For instance, don’t leave an iPod in your car when it’s too hot or cold outside. Similarly, don’t leave an iPod connected and mounted on your Mac or PC desktop when you aren’t using it. Why? Batteries normally chemically degrade over their lifetimes, and extreme temperatures hasten the process. Also, use the Hold button whenever your iPod is turned off, to avoid it being turned on accidentally.

Apple has published several good articles which go into a lot more detail. If you want your iPod to last as long as possible, give them a read: Apple – Batteries – iPod, iPod battery frequently asked questions (FAQ) and Tips and tricks to get the most out of your iPod’s battery.

Smart iTunes Playlists that follow your mood.

May 20, 2004

Gwendal Roué submitted this to the Mac OS X Hints website.


GarageBand™ sites worth checking out.

May 17, 2004

Communities and web sites dedicated to Apple’s new GarageBand music creation software are popping up everythere.

(more…) article: “Panther Secrets Declassified”

April 15, 2004

Over 40 Panther Tips & Tricks from the experts.


More Safari Bookmark Tricks

April 3, 2004

hero_safari.jpgStraight from Apple, more clever bookmarks to get Sherlock information, iTunes information, and even resize the Safari window.

If you liked the “Email this Link” bookmark trick, here’s a whole page of them, thanks to Apple. You’ll find bookmarks that will look up flights, movies, stock quotes, songs, albums, composers, and more.

Create an “Email this Link” button in Safari

April 3, 2004

Ever find a cool page, want to email the URL to someone, and wish you could do it with one click? Guess what?

Have you ever been reading a fascinating web page with Safari, and wanted to send the URL to a friend so they could read it? Wouldn’t it be great if Safari had a button that opened your mail program, and did most of the work for you? Well, I found one. To install it in your copy of Safari, click and hold the “Email Link” link below, and drag it to your Bookmark bar. Drop it on the Bookmark bar where you want it to be. Give it a try, if you like. Aren’t Macs amazing?

Email Link

Credit for this tip goes to the excellent Mac OS X Hints site. Check it out to see how you can use this tip as a hotkey.