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Apple’s iPhone: Where are the standard smartphone features?

February 26, 2008

I bought an iPhone the day after they were introduced. I like it a lot. I used to carry a Palm, a mobile phone and and iPod. Now I have the iPhone, and I bring my 60G iPod when I drive.

One thing has been troubling me for a while. When will the iPhone’s software be upgraded to include de rigeur smartphone features like recording movies or voice memos? Voice dial seems like a natural feature for an OS X-based phone, when OS X has voice recognition built in. The web experience is better than any other current phone, but it really isn’t “the whole web” without a Flash plugin.

What about the note pad? I’ve been syncing notes on my Palm for over a decade. Instead I have to use a draft email in an IMAP account as a note pad. Another feature I relied on in my Motorola V180 was “wait during dialing,” where the phone would dial up to a point and wait for me to hit a button to continue. That feature was good for making any call that included an extension number or PIN, and it was great when calling SmartRoutes (a free traffic reporting system with many prompts, and driving-challenged inputs like “*4951” to get information on the northern half of Route 495).

Steve Jobs said there’d be more features to come when he introduced the iPhone. Instead, the software updates have been largely focussed on bug fixes and securing the phone from unlocking. Where are the “new” features that are standard on lesser phones? We’re waiting.

This is the beginning of the real online music revolution

April 2, 2007

Today, EMI and Apple announced a first-ever agreement to sell music online with no copy protection (aka DRM, or Digital Rights Management). I am very excited about this, and I’ll certainly be buying far more music online as a result.


iPod a “Life Transforming Device!”

July 24, 2004

MacDailyNews reports on the Boston Globe’s story about the world’s best portable music player.

Read the MacDailyNews overview, or go right to the Boston Globe’s story.

What do Switchers say about switching?

June 6, 2004

Switcher Stories, Frequently Asked Questions, and How-Tos


100% Macs for a new elementary school in Utah.

May 16, 2004

Mac News Network first picked up the story.


New South Wales traffic authority switches to Macs.

May 16, 2004

Australia’s NSW Roads and Traffic Authority trades in their Windows machines for 1200 G4 iMacs. Read about it here.

A new addition to the family!

May 4, 2004

PowerBook G4 A shiny new 15″ G4 PowerBook moves in.

I’m writing this first blog entry on my new PowerBook, a 15″, 1GB RAM, 80G hard drive, 1.5GHz G4 beauty of a machine. It took me most of yesterday to get it all set up just the way I like it, but I am completely delighted with my new toy. I am upgrading from a 600MHz G3 iBook (link goes to the new G4 iBook) which served me well for a couple of years, but which lacked a writable optical drive, and was starting to feel a bit slow. I wanted to run GarageBand for instance, but that requires a PowerPC G4 processor.

iLife is good!

Update 2/20/08– Almost 4 years later, and I’m still editing this blog on the same machine.

Macs or PCs in the classroom?

April 13, 2004

The School Department and voters of Carteret County, North Carolina have an opinion. Or two.


Bill Gates: “5% of Windows PCs crash 3 or more times a day.”

April 3, 2004
The New York Times ran this item, believe it or
not. Find out more.