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Have a Life? Stay out of Darwinia?!

June 19, 2006

Darwinia screenshot Introversion Software (“The last of the bedroom programmers”) released a hit software game, Darwinia, a few years back. Oh sure, it won a few awards at the International Game Festival, such as for Technical Excellence, or Innovation in Visual Art. And yes, it’s a PC Gamer Magazine “Must Buy”, PC Zone rated it “Essential,” and gave it an Editor’s Choice award. Trust me, if you need to go to a job, if you have people who count on you, or if you can’t stand having too much fun, stay out of Darwinia!! And whatever you do, don’t even think about viewing the dazzling two-minute game-play demo movie–you’ll be irrevocably hooked! PC, Mac, Linux, whatever your favorite flavor, you are in danger of spending many pleasurable hours addicted to this game!!!

All silliness aside…


Free GarageBand Loops

May 20, 2004

Almost 100 Megabyes of Free Loops for GarageBand.


More Freeware – 5/20/04

May 20, 2004

A few more links to freeware games and applications.


GarageBand™ sites worth checking out.

May 17, 2004

Communities and web sites dedicated to Apple’s new GarageBand music creation software are popping up everythere.



April 3, 2004

Something not working quite right? Chances are, MacFixIt knows about it already, and how to, well, fix it!

MacFixIt is another great learning site, with more of a focus on finding and fixing common problems. It’s worth keeping up with, especially if you’re the family’s Mac guru.

Mac OS X Hints

April 3, 2004

Hints, tips and tricks for our favorite OS.

Mac OS X Hints is a great site for learning shortcuts and tidbits to make a Macintosh even more fun and useful. I check it most every day.

Find a Wi-Fi hot zone

April 3, 2004

Whether you’re on the road, or in your own town, this free site can help you get connected wirelessly.

Got Airport? Next time you’re planning a trip and you need to find wireless access along the way, try Wi-Fi ZONE Locator. Whether it’s a Starbucks® or an exotic café in Paris, this free service will get you online.