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Baby steps…

November 21, 2007

Well, for all my good intentions and my growing backlog of unposted blog entries, I haven’t stayed on top of the transition from my old blog to this new one. Which is a shame; I’ve had lots of interesting experiences and things I’ve wanted to write about. I went back to California for a wonderful vacation/wine tour. I have been keeping up with the sky as it has changed through the season, and of course I’ve had several good looks at Comet Holmes. The saga of Floyd Landis has had many new developments I’ve wanted to write about. I’ve added a new Mac mini to the family to act as a media server, as well as a 50″ DLP HDTV and a few new HD TiVos. Lots has been happening.

What hung me up was’s handling of graphics. They give 50M of space to free accounts for static images, but animations must be posted in one of a handful of sites like YouTube. Neither process is intuitive, and I hit a technical wall in trying to clean up the 300 or so entries from the past. And I really wanted to finish that before moving forward, but it obviously is a bigger project than I’d hoped. Some bloggers just cut their old material loose when they upgrade, and I really didn’t want to do that.

So, I’ll have to face reality and compromise. I have to keep writing and keeping up with events. That part is so easy with WordPress! At the same time, I have to de-emphasize cleaning up the old entries, so I can prioritize moving forward.

I had the great good fortune of having a dear friend from long ago come up for dinner this past weekend, and she, my wife and I had a wonderful visit. I have had a fairly solitary year this year, largely because the house hasn’t been fit for entertaining, and we are catching up now. Anyway, a big highlight for me was talking about Comet Holmes, and setting up my 10×70 binoculars so she could have a look. Even with the poor seeing last Sunday, it was clear she enjoyed the sight. An ISS overflight would have been too much to wish for, and unfortunately there wasn’t one that night. Still, she was keen to learn about Heavens Above, so she could find the ISS for herself.

Now that my extremely hectic summer is over, and the house tasks are winding down, I’ll do my best to continue taking baby steps here in my new blog home.

Moving Day!

July 22, 2007

I’ve had a, iBlog-generated blog since I started blogging. It’s been convenient in some ways, but not others. Mainly, support has been very slow, since there’s only one developer.

I’ve been thinking of switching to WordPress, and after finding a step-by-step, iBlog-to-WordPress tutorial on, I made the jump tonight.

The converted blog needs a lot of editing to make it presentable, and I have a learning curve to climb. Still, I think I’ve done the right thing.

Back from life’s distractions

December 23, 2006

A dear friend wrote to ask where I’d been for the last month, since I hadn’t blogged in that time. I’ve been here, but up to my neck in alligators.


“What I Know,” The Back-Story.

September 23, 2006

Late last night I learned about Floyd Landis’ appeal being denied, and I wrote a quick entry, more to link to the news than to editorialize. I was late getting to bed on a night when I’d have to wake at 3:30AM to drive my parents to the airport. Brevity seemed prudent.

I felt it was important to say something personal about the news, something about how it affected me. I wrote what I feel from Floyd when he talks, and it was important to distinguish knowing, as in knowledge, facts, etc., and knowing, as in my heart telling me what it sees, that my conscious mind might not. I made a passing remark about the day I learned to >know what I know, and how I know what I know. The context was, I know Floyd Landis doesn’t have a dishonest bone in his body. It didn’t make sense to spend time and break up my piece on Floyd to tell the whole back story, since it has nothing to do with Floyd or bicycling. After a few emails and a few comments, which is more than I’ve ever received for any one post, I thought it best to tell the story sooner rather than later.

This is not about how great / smart / better than you / prescient / cool / or whatever else I think I am. This not intended to impress anyone. This is the story of why I trust what I know. So now, you’ll know. Hopefully, you’ll also know.

(I think I can dispense with the italics to differentiate the two kinds of knowing. It’s tedious to read. I wish there were different English words for them. I leave it to you to know what I’m saying—I don’t think it’ll be difficult.)


My web site is expanding!

January 21, 2006

iLife '06 box With Apple’s release of iLife ’06 and iWeb, I suddenly have a lot more options for putting content on the web in cool ways. My main page will eventually move here when I finish designing it and populating it (feel free to check out the interim version). But iBlog will remain my blogging tool, and my blog will remain right here, though it will become an ancillary page instead of the main entry point. I wish iBlog was even more powerful, but it has many more features than iLife 06’s built-in tool.


I’ve been thinking of starting a Jean Shepherd podcast…

January 9, 2006

Shep was a one of the great humorists from the 50s to the 80s, and most nights he waxed eloquent on the radio, and his gift for insight and articulation fascinated and inspired generations. There are a handful of sites to revisit his genius, such as Jean Shepherd – A Salute, Jean Shepherd Archive, The Jean Shepherd Project, Jean Shepherd Web Site and Jean Shepherd Site. There is one podcast, JeanShepherdPodcast, but sadly it’s sporadically updated. As of this writing, the last update was four months ago.

Podcasting seems the ideal way to keep Shep’s work alive. Imagine being able to hear a “new” Shep show or clip every day!


Where has Steve been THIS time?

June 25, 2005

Where the heck does the time go, anyway?


Where has Steve been?

June 16, 2004

On my back, not having fun.