What’s This Blog About?

iss_sts115half1.jpgMainly it’s about the awe-inspiring, checkbook-draining field of amateur astronomy. I write about what I’ve learned, where I’ve learned it, what I’ve bought and how it worked out, and the celestial observations I’ve made along the way. You can learn from my failures and successes.

I’m a bicyclist, software engineer, and former Mac Genius. When I learn valuable tips or news, or things to avoid, you can learn it here.

And of course, a bit of fun. Humor, picture albums, interesting links, family, friends, brain teasers, careers, time wasters… and Steve’s Peeves.

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One Comment on “What’s This Blog About?”

  1. wonderlandhwy Says:

    I couldn’t really find a place to say this, so I figured this spot would do just fine… I just the part where you say, “people who need a dope slap!” haha makes me smile just to think of it… it is quite possible that we “all” might need one from time to time!

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