Holding the Sun

This is a page of pictures submitted by regular folks, all with the theme of holding the sun. A few, like the one here, are very well done. One is a very creative joke picture.

Warning: There are some links to some Not Safe For Work pictures on the “Holding the Sun” page. The one I viewed was artful and beautiful, but I make no promises. Kids, please get your parent’s permission first.

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2 Comments on “Holding the Sun”

  1. Tiffini Says:

    We LOVE this picture of the man holding the sun in the palm of his hands and are hoping to crop the sun part and use it in our business card… would love to give you credit so please let us know. Thanks so much… and again- lovely shot!



    • Steve Says:


      You’re very kind, but I didn’t take the pictures, so I don’t deserve the credit. I merely shared the link because I enjoyed the pictures too. I’m not a lawyer, but I believe that pictures that lack a copyright notice and have become widely distributed are public domain, and should be acceptable to use. If you can find the photographer’s original posting to the web, you could ask him or her, but the odds are slim of finding the original site. Good luck!

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