Upgrade your Celestron “i” Series hand controller!

nx8i.jpgThe only reason I might have purchased a Meade telescope instead of my Celestron was the ability to download updates to the hand controller, such as new comets and such. Good news! Celestron has redesigned their hand controller for their new SkyAlign™ technology, and it also supports downloadable updates. Cool. Even better, I just learned that you can buy the new controller for your “i” series for $150, or send your original and $75 to trade in the old for the new controller. I’m doing it.

More information at the Celestron site. Other Celestrons are also upgradeable, see this page on Mike Swanson’s NexStar Resource Site to learn more.

Update 2/3/2008- As of this writing, Celestron seems to have discontinued the trade-in program. The new controller is now available through resellers for $150. I read in the newsgroups that they aren’t easy to find, at least not yet. Starizona is one outfit that advertises them.

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