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The 2007 Tour de France, or Tattered Elegance

July 26, 2007

The world has heard of the decline of the Tour, and the many riders who have been sent home because they were caught taking drugs. What you won’t hear is what we truly know, and what we don’t know. The media feeding frenzy is in full swing, and truth and fairness are taking a beating. I wrote a small essay about it on Trust But Verify, and I reproduce it here.


Moving Day!

July 22, 2007

I’ve had a, iBlog-generated blog since I started blogging. It’s been convenient in some ways, but not others. Mainly, support has been very slow, since there’s only one developer.

I’ve been thinking of switching to WordPress, and after finding a step-by-step, iBlog-to-WordPress tutorial on, I made the jump tonight.

The converted blog needs a lot of editing to make it presentable, and I have a learning curve to climb. Still, I think I’ve done the right thing.