This is the beginning of the real online music revolution

Today, EMI and Apple announced a first-ever agreement to sell music online with no copy protection (aka DRM, or Digital Rights Management). I am very excited about this, and I’ll certainly be buying far more music online as a result.

I love music. All kinds of music. Name a genre, and I can name at least a few songs I like.

So, today’s announcement is huge to me. I am one of the many people whose online music buying is about to go from 1-2 songs a year to probably 10 a month. From the EMI catalog, I will soon be able to purchase any song, free to copy to any of my computers, iPods, or whatever, without any hindrance.

Honestly, there have been one or two songs I had to have, that were only available on the iTunes store, and which I purchased. I hated doing it, and I did everything I could to remove the copy protection. Not to give the songs to others, or do anything illegal (aside from removing the protection) but only because I do not want to pay for music files that are locked in to certain accounts, computers, or other any fallible control system. Now, I can buy any EMI title, for an extra $0.30, with double the fidelity and no limitations whatsoever.

And I will. I’ll buy songs I want not only to reward Apple and EMI, but because it’s the right thing to do. I don’t want to steal music. I also don’t want petty organizations like RIAA trying to shake me and other innocent music fans down.

So, thank you Apple and EMI. As for those holdout music labels, I hope you become enlightened by EMI’s vision and increased profit in the online sector, so that you too will realize you can sell me your product over the internet, rather than by manufacturing and shipping my retailer your unprotected optical media, and make even more money. When you do, I’ll be there to support you.

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