A modern miracle: the Amazing Grace of the Amish.

The Amish community suffered a horrific loss last month, when a non-Amish neighbor, a 32-year-old milkman named Charles Carl Roberts IV, seemed to snap, and shot ten Amish school girls, three of whom died immediately, and two more died within days. The rest were left in critical condition. Roberts killed himself before police could reach and detain him.

In American society today, the usual result is hate, death threats, legal suits, and the perpetrator’s family is ostracized and their lives are ruined. For instance the families of the two Columbine High School killers were sued, hated, and the graves of their sons were vandalized.

In contrast, shortly after the Amish murders, as two young Amish boys stood by the body a victim, their grandfather said, “We must not think evil of this man.” The Amish community did not. They reached out to the crazed killer’s widow and three children. They started a fund to support them. Half of the 75 people who attended Roberts’ funeral were his Amish neighbors, and they responded with love and forgiveness in abundance.

I feel blessed that such Grace is still in the world, to inspire those who hear.

CNN announced the fifth victim’s death
“We must not think evil of this man.”
Amish mourn gunman in school rampage, offer heartfelt
forgiveness at Roberts funeral

Amid the babble, Amish lesson heard
Roberts’ widow to Amish: ‘Thank you.’

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