Links- more info on the Mercury Transit, November 8 2006!

Internet astronomy news sites are publishing more articles and how-tos for the Mercury Transit, now just days away. Astronomy Magazine has a good, short article, which includes links to watch the transit on the web. has a good article, safety tips, and a nice graphic or two. And has a downloadable guide to the transit, in .pdf format. NASA has a fact-filled article and an animation of what the transit should look like. Here’s another NASA article and maps. Here, on, is a long list of sites with information about the 2006 Mercury Transit. Finally, the Kitt Peak Observatory and Exploratorium will host a full-length webcast with commentary.

This 2006 Mercury transit is the second of fourteen in the 21st century. If you miss this one, you’ll have to wait until May 2016. Clear skies!

Always use safe solar view habits when observing the sun! Blindness can result from staring at the sun without using a proper solar filter. Viewing the sun through an unfiltered telescope will likely cause instant blindness. Protect your eyes—read here to learn important safety information.

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