Link- “Fast Freddy’s” Recumbent Tips & Tricks, riding positions

“Fast Freddy” Markham is an accomplished ‘bent racer and holds bicycling records. He’s the real deal. So, when I stumbled across his own forum section on Tips and Tricks I figured it was worth a read. It’s a little lean just yet, as it seems he’s just getting started this year. Also, Fast Freddy rides Easy Racers long-wheelbase recumbents, so not everything will apply to riders like me on short-wheelbase ‘bents.

Even so, there’s an excellent thread on his four main recumbent riding positions. He uses a position (#4 in the pictures) which he calls “the recumbent version of getting out of the saddle,” which is useful for short bursts of maximum power. I’d never considered this one, but I’m definitely going to try it. I sure could use a boost on short hills, or quick sprints and accelerations. Thanks, Freddy!

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