The Dying Democracy- America in the 21 Century

I’m not a Republican, Democrat, liberal or conservative. I don’t fit into any one category. I don’t know what my label is, and I don’t waste any time trying to find it—people who disagree with me (which will eventually be everyone, given enough issues to discuss) in this uncivil age often use labels as a cudgel. No thanks.

When I listen to a commentator, in most cases I genuinely have no preconceived notion of their politics, and I give them the fairest hearing I can. Even when a speaker is well-known, such as Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Charles Schumer or Ed Kennedy, I still try and take something from their efforts to make a point.

I do believe the United States is in deep trouble. I have 9 different citations I’ve collected over that last week showing our system of checks and balances is far out of true, and that the executive branch is increasingly brazen in its accumulation of unconstitutional power. Presidential signing statements, for instance.

I’ve found these rants take a few hours to write well, and I am up too late to do one justice. I will soon. In the meantime, I’d point you to an essay I read by Keith Olbermann today, and which rang ominously true.

I believe we have a supernatural creator, who goes by many names. I’d like to ask the creator to protect us from ourselves and what we’ve created on Earth, but we the people have already made the same request, perhaps implicitly, of our governments. The results are not pretty.

The opinions expressed in Steve’s Peeves are intended to entertain and uplift. They may not be appropriate for young readers or the satirically challenged. Parental supervision is advised.

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