The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter looks down, sees Opportunity!

Mars rover viewed from orbit This is an exciting first. MRO’s HiRISE camera is able to pick out the Opportunity Rover as it sits near the rim of Victoria Crater, as well as its tracks and the shadow of its camera mast! Unbelievable. The Mars Global Surveyor attempted to locate the Mars Polar Lander in the past and was later believed to be mistaken. So I can’t wait to see definitive pictures of this quality, showing what happened to the MPL some day, courtesy of the MRO. More recent Mars images are at the Planetary Photojournal.

(Image Credit: NASA/JPL/UA)

This composite picture gives you an idea of the size of Victoria Crater by superimposing what Fed Ex Field in Landover, MD would look like if it had been built on Mars.

Victoria Crater and a football stadium

More Images are at the MRO Main Page.

(Image Credit:NASA/JPL/UA)

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