Floyd Landis- the temporary calm settles

We probably won’t see any hard news on Floyd’s situation until January, when the USADA will likely announce its decision to sanction or not, and then of course the inevitable open arbitration. Thankfully, the “blowhards” in the international anti-doping community have also calmed down for now (for the most part), so there will hopefully be little to report for a while.

In the meantime, things are happening at Trust But Verify, where they seem to have been leaked paperwork from doping tests that cast more doubt on the process. There’s also discussion of how each side of this debacle might be financing their respective fights.

Endless Cycle is reporting on the wreckage in the wake of Operacion Puerto, the scandalous, 11th-hour, too-perfectly-timed round of guilt-by-association that kept 58+ cyclists out of the tour, including several favorites. I say 58+ because, in the case of Alexander Vinokourov, he was not implicated but he could not race because his team lost too many riders to the witchhunt to field a team. The issue was entirely circumstantial, based on allegations that the riders may have had some dealings with an individual under suspicion of providing doping products. It now looks like all but one of the banned cyclists was and is not guilty. Quelle surprise!

PelotonJim is writing what I’m thinking: which anti-doping heads are going to step up and “come clean” (as they’re so fond of saying), taking responsibility for lost time, lost youth, lost income, and even lost enthusiasm for the sport which their actions have imposed on innocent riders?

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