Anti-doping measures in the Bizarro world: You fish? Fill this cup. No kidding!

This has officially gone too far. It has been far beyond reason, the mud flung at so many innocent cyclists this last year alone. Marion Jones, who was cleared by her B-sample, and since has somehow avoided most of the visible wrath of the outspoken world anti-doping officials, is considering quitting her sport due to the stress and negative media attention heaped upon her while said zealots officials were loudly proclaiming her guilt. (Those of you pining for Dick Pound’s removal will love that last link!)

If that wasn’t enough, (and it really, really was), England’s Sunday Mirror reported last week that, “Competitors at last week’s World Angling Championships were told to give urine samples or face losing their prizes.” Anglers are fishers. Not the kind who earn a living hauling in large catches to sell at market, but people who catch one fish at a time, hoping it’s bigger, longer, and/or heavier than their competitors’ fish.

One angler, after his “initial shock,” reconsidered, saying, “It gives the sport credibility.” No comment.

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