Floyd’s request for dismissal is denied by the Anti-Doping Review Board

Floyd’s site is reporting that his request for dismissal has been declined by the ADRB. The case now goes to the ADRB’s parent body, the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Association). Today’s ruling by the ADRB allows the USADA to proceed with disciplinary action if they decide it is warranted. If they do impose sanctions, Landis and his legal and scientific team say they will request arbitration, and in a public forum, which will be a first.

In the meantime, Floyd must step out of the line of fire for a while, to have his hip replaced, and begin his physical rehabilitation. He plans to start training as soon as possible to defend his Tour de France title in next year’s tour. Ya gotta love the guy’s determination.

I’ve written a number of opinion pieces on this issue, and I’ve just learned of an excellent blog with very current news, as well as commentary. Check out trustbut.blogspot.com. Good stuff.

Another must-read site is Tom Fine’s Floyd Landis’ Testosterone, WADA, and Abused Science, which examines the numbers behind the accuracy of the CIR test, which supposedly can distinguish synthetic from naturally-occurring testosterone, but which appears to have a high false-positive rate.

I am a little surprised by this outcome, based on the discrepancies found in the Chatenay-Malabry lab’s documentation. On the other hand, the outspoken officials in the anti-doping agencies would look extremely foolish if the case were dropped so easily, and I believe politics is as much in play here as justice, perhaps moreso.

I don’t usually start sentences with this, but my wife is a huge Oprah fan. I sometimes watch the show, and one of her mantras is, “What do you know?” She means it in terms of what does your heart tell you? as opposed to simple knowledge.

I know a few things:

(1) Floyd Landis doesn’t have a dishonest bone in his body. (There’s a longish, sad story about something else I knew, which flew in the face of heart-rending TV news coverage, and how I learned to know what I know. Maybe I’ll tell it some day. In the meantime, I’ll just say that I know this, not because I’m an American, not because I’m Dick Pound and I’ll look even more the fool if I’m wrong. I know it because I know it.)

(2) The agencies and individuals in the anti-doping community, with Floyd, Lance, and others, have not shown impartiality, restraint, nor dedication to justice. They haven’t shown themselves to be trustworthy.

(3) There are a lot of mitigating circumstances in Floyd’s case. I don’t even know all the public examples, because I knew enough after learning that Chatenay-Malabry tested the wrong B sample with the wrong tracking number on it, thinking it was Floyd’s.

I have no doubt this will not end with Floyd being wrongly punished, as Tyler Hamilton was. I also believe that cycling has been deeply divided for fans and smeared for non-fans by the events since the 2006 Tour. I hope that history and science will win the day, and that some of the notorious players in this debacle will be invited to leave when this story is over.

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