Links- Two extremely cool “Astronomy Pictures of the Day” in a row!

The International Space Station 9/21/06

(Image Credit: NASA)

Yesterday, NASA posted this current picture of the International Space Station, including the new P3/P4 truss segments and solar arrays (the darker-looking set starting at the lower right of the picture) just installed by the outstanding crew of the STS-115 Atlantis mission. Today, they posted an amazing picture of the ISS and the just-undocked Atlantis as they passed in front of the Sun! I’d show a piece of that one, too, but it’s copyrighted. No trouble, you can go see it yourself! Even better, both pictures are available in large formats, and make awesome desktop pictures.

If you want the bigger pictures and can’t find them, try here for the ISS, and here for the Sun silhouetting the ISS and Atlantis.

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