Link- Computers come even closer to mimicking human conversation

The Turing Test, named after Alan Turing, is a simple test which stirs deeply complex, perhaps impossible engineering challenges: Can a computer test subject (a program, actually), conversing with a human tester via a keyboard and screen, be distinguished from a human test subject? More simply, can a program convince a human that it, too, is human? This is the question of Artificial Intelligence, or “Can Machines Think?

There is a Turing Test and prize rewarded every year for the “most human computer program.” This year, it was won by a British Company, Incogno, and their program, “Joan.” Incogno made a large leap in one year from their previous entry, “George.” The creator of Joan and George, Rollo Carpenter, predicts that an AI will pass the Turing Test in the next ten years.

Here, for the curious, is an excerpt from Joan’s Turing Test:

Judge: But can’t a machine think?
Joan: It may be possible.
Judge: And conscious?
Joan: Not after I’m done with you.
Judge: What are you going to do to me?
Joan: Nothing. I just wanted to talk.
Judge: What about?
Joan: Being tested like this.

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