Ride #15 19.4 miles, 300.2 total

Hey, 300 miles! Any milestone is a milestone worth celebrating. I’m celebrating with a Margarita.

It’s strange, Dad and I felt lousy today too, and yet we somehow put in our best time yet over the same course. Don’t ask me how, I have no idea.

Perhaps we’re just training slowly enough that it creeps up on us. I know that I can’t climb hills worth a damn for the first mile or two, but I also start cold.

It was a hotter-than-pleasant day, at 85°F and just muggy enough that standing still was uncomfortable. The ride itself was sunny with no wind, which was nice. The best part by far… wait I’ll save that part. The low point was some cretin in a car laughing in an over-loudly, insulting manner, presumably at my recumbent bike. He was just a 20-ish jerk, a passenger in a car I’d just waved “thanks” to as I went through an intersection and the car waited. No good deed goes unpunished.

The best part was all the wonderful smells of fruit ripening on the vine. Some were blueberries I think, some were quite distinctly Concord grapes. And why not—we rode through Concord! Riding in the fall is just wonderful.

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