Ride #14 19.4 miles, 280.8 total

Neither Dad nor I really felt well today. He had a bug I had last week, and I developed a headache after the first mile. So, it was surprising that we rode such a strong ride today. I haven’t checked the numbers, but I think it was our second fastest. It was a nice day, 76°F, no wind at all, and partly cloudy. Even the clouds were nice–puffy cumulonimbus clouds that were fun to look at. The leaves are starting to fall, and it seems that car traffic is getting worse and worse. Sunday mornings are pretty much the only good traffic days, and there are always dozens of other riders out. Unfortunately, most of the weekend days have been busy or rainy.

I should really start getting some longer rides in before the weather turns cold. I haven’t ridden a single solo ride this year; I just haven’t had a day I felt good, with good weather and no other commitments. It would be nice to get at least 500 miles in for the year, but we’ll see.

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