Link- Click & Clack, host of NPR’s “Car Talk”, speak at MIT commencement

Car Talk is a rare thing–an entertaining, comical radio show about car problems! The hosts, Tom and Ray Magliozzi (pronounced mah-lee-OT-zee) are brothers, MIT grads, and clearly great friends endowed with great humor. I’ve been listening to their show for at least 15 years now, and I’m hooked on the combination of laughter and learning.

(Update 3/2008- You can now listen to Car Talk for free via their podcast in the iTunes Store.)

One year, if memory serves, they joked on their show, wondering why their alma mater had never asked them back to give a commencement speech. In the trademark self-deprecating way, this became a running gag, until they actually got invited! You can read their speech here, and hopefully get a taste of their delightfully… (you know, I can’t think of the right adjective here!) sense of humor.

Here’s an excerpt, for your enjoyment:

    Tom: — which I also happen to have here. [MIT spokesman] Chuck won’t mind if we read this. “Dear Click ’58 and Clack ’72: I understand that you have once again expressed on-air disappointment of not being asked to speak at MIT’s graduation. Last summer I advised you that the chances of being invited as Commencement speakers would be enhanced if Car Talk had a suitable flag that could be used to help us decorate the campus. I hear that you now have come up with a flag and you thought this would ensure your inclusion in the 1998 Commencement program.” I mean, we went out of our way. If the truth be known, we got the flag yesterday. But we told him we had a flag. We figured he would be gullible enough. I had the fortune to meet Tom at his son’s marriage many years ago, since we have a mutual friend. I have met few celebrities, so I never know what to say to make a unique impression. “It’s a pleasure to meet you,” just doesn’t convey all I’d have liked to say.
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