Link- Thought-provoking essay on mankind’s connection to the night sky

Star Trails Over Namibia has a wonderful, thought-provoking essay on the relationship our species has had with the night sky for tens of thousands of years, before the invention of the light bulb last century. I recommend it highly.

(Image Credit: “Star Trails Over Namibia” by Josch Hambsch.)

For me, the pinnacle of the essay is:

    For thousands of years prior to this, humankind had lived in darkness after sunset with only the light of burning wood, wax or oil to provide illumination. Our connection to the night sky during this period ran very deep. From all but the largest cities, people venturing outside at night would see a black sky punctuated by the glow of over five thousand visible stars, the planets and the Milky Way arcing overhead. It filled our forebears’ minds with wonder, reminded them that they were surrounded by the Universe and found its way into their most profound beliefs.

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