Link: Beautiful pictures of lightning strikes

LightningI’ve always enjoyed lightning storms, and wished I had the camera gear and patience to have recorded some of the strikingly (sorry for the pun) gorgeous lightning displays I’ve seen. During one very violent storm in the 1980s, I saw a bolt that must have started out of sight, above the thick clouds, and it came through the bottoms and spread out in slow motion, looking like the petals of a flower. The whole display seemed to last 3-4 seconds, and I still remember it 20+ years later.

Anyway, here is a link to Knuttz’s Stuff – Lightnings. Thankfully he or she does have the gear and patience, and there are some stunning shots to enjoy. Here is another page of lightning photography by Michael Bath. There are many more pictures, and a stylistic difference, too: Bath’s pictures artfully capture the stark, ominous skies as well as the lightning. Very nice indeed.

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