ABC News’ Person Of The Week: Tour de France bicyclist Floyd Landis

Tour de France winner Floyd LandisABC News got it right. In short, Floyd went from being Lance Armstrong’s super-domestique to being the leader of his own team this year. He looked very strong, a likely winner of the 2200+ mile race around France and surrounding countries. Unfortunately, he had a very, very bad day in the penultimate mountain stage, losing ten minutes, and going from 1st to 13th place. It seemed to everyone, myself included, that he was finished for this year’s Tour. Even Phil Liggett, “The Voice of Cycling,” a veteran reporter of 34 Tours de France, when asked if Floyd still had a chance, said simply, “No.”

Little did anyone know that Floyd Landis still had “the greatest single-day ride in the history of the Tour de France” still in him. See the OLN TV’s recap of the bad day and the super day here (broadband required).

Starting about 8 hours from this writing, an individual time trial will begin that will decide the 2006 Tour winner. After his superhuman performance on Thursday, Floyd is 30 seconds out of the lead. He rode an excellent time in the prologue time trial, even though he lost about 10 precious seconds at the starting gate because of a last-second wheel change. Even with that penalty, he finished faster in that time trial than the two riders currently ahead of him in the overall standings.

Hold on to your cycling helmets, kids, because Saturday’s race will be very dramatic!

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