2006- Ride #8 19.4 miles, 162.5 total

The weather was supposed to be mid-80s and dry. The temperature was close, but it was windy and muggy. Still in all, a good ride through Concord and Carlisle. I did have a bit of mechanical drama, however, and got some good customer service…

Two rides ago, I noticed an intermittent noise every time the cranks went around. It wasn’t loud or consistent, so I thought little of it. In the middle of my previous ride, the noise returned and stayed. It was a bit louder, and sounded like a creaky door, still once per revolution of the pedals. I thought it was the bottom bracket, perhaps a broken ball bearing or two. Today, right from the start, it was loud and I could feel it in my feet. I wanted to ride, and Dad was feeling good, so we went on our usual ride over Strawberry Hill in Concord. As soon as we got back, we took the bike back to Belmont Wheelworks, and demonstrated the noise. It turns out I bought the bike a year and two weeks ago. I was prepared with several speeches about customer service, and how a bike that expensive shouldn’t bust a bottom bracket after so few miles.

Scott Chamberlain, who has been the recumbent guru at Belmont Wheelworks for years, and whom I’ve met several times over the years to test-drive bikes and talk recumbents, took one look and said, “We’ll cover it.” No questions asked, I’m not even positive he remembered that I’d bought the bike at his store. We chatted about short cranks, which is all the rage in some corners of the ‘bent world, and he talked me out of converting my bike. I value his opinion, and that was that.

So, I’ll get my bike back in a few days with a new bottom bracket, and my Bacchetta Corsa will be like new. I really love this bike!

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