Where can I get an original Airport card? (Updated 11/16/06)

Original Airport Card New ways to find a wireless card for your favorite, older Mac.

(11/16/06 update: Since this is a popular page, I checked and updated all the links. “New” Original Airport cards don’t seem to be available any more.)

Finding the original Airport card (not the current Airport Extreme card) is an important issue for more and more Mac users who have Macs older than a few years, and who want to join the very cool Wi-Fi world.

   • Other World Computing, a reputable dealer, has Original Airport cards in stock. They are “system pulls,” which I believe means they are used. I’ve bought system pulls from OWC (also known as MacSales.com) in the past, with only one problem, which was quickly taken care of. Word to the wise: test your OWC product right away–they aren’t flexible on the 30-day money-back guarantee. This could likely be true of all the vendors listed here, but I have experience with OWC.

   • The LA Computer Company has had refurbished cards in stock, as they do at this writing. Another link to the same company is oldairportcard.com.

   • Memory Solutions is also selling used original Airport cards. They are reporting low stock as of this update.

   • Mac Solutions is selling used ones. As of last June, they had stocked new cards as well, but not at the moment.

   • Another possibility for the adventurous is this page, which shows how to convert a Sony VAIO 802.11b into an exact replacement for an Apple Airport card.

   • Deals on the Web sometimes lists deals on original Airport cards, and is worth checking. If you are using Safari under Tiger, you can use this link to their RSS feed that searches for “original airport”.

   • And of course, there’s always eBay’s list of original Airport cards.

   • If these links don’t work out for you, try this Google search. I’ve had good luck with it.

Prices were crazy, up to $150 to $199! Thankfully, they are available as of today (11/16/06) for down to $69-$79.

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