Sports Illustrated: Lance Armstrong wants accountability from anti-doping officials

Sports Illustrated reports that Lance is asking the IOC (International Olympic Committee) to investigate possible negligence and intentional misconduct on the part of WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) officials. In late May, Lance was finally cleared of all suspicion of wrongdoing, putting to rest a vicious bit of xenophobic subterfuge started by the French paper L’Equipe and immediately accepted as fact by the likes of Tour de France Director Jean-Marie LeBlanc. In my opinion, after years of letting Lance twist in the wind as the press and the public had at him with unsubstantiated accusations, while the WADA reacted with silence or even by aiding the rumormongers, it’s time for justice.

Lance wrote, “Athletes and fans of sport should not support a system that does not apply the rules in the same manner to high-ranking officials as those rules are applied to athletes and everyone else involved in the Olympic movement.” Amen.

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One Comment on “Sports Illustrated: Lance Armstrong wants accountability from anti-doping officials”

  1. […] all these tests are performed is Chatenay-Malabry, which is closely linked to the French paper L’Equipe, both of which have had their share of ethical missteps on the subject of doping, American doping in particular, and, to my knowledge, have have yet to […]

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