Remember the free e-book, “What’s Up 2006 – 365 Days of Skywatching?” Now it’s a very cool blog!

A little while ago, I told you about a free, illustrated e-book from the folks at Universe Today called, “What’s Up 2006 – 365 Days of Skywatching.” The author did an amazing job of giving us skywatchers something to look forward to on any day of the year. If that wasn’t cool enough, author Tammy Plotner has started a companion blog. It is also way cool, and now part of my daily reads.

It’s only a week or so old at this point, but I have to say it’s what I would write if I had the time and knowledge of the skies. Excellent job, highly recommended. If you’re using Apple’s Safari or some other RSS-compatible internet application, the site’s RSS feed is perfect.

Now there’s even less excuse not to look up at the majestic night sky!

2008 Update- Like many good things, the “What’s Up” series has gone on to better things. It’s no longer a freebie, but the book can still be purchased.

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