2006- Ride #4 19.4 miles, 79.6 total.

A fine Sunday in the high 60s, sunny, and maybe a bit on the breezy side. Out to Concord and back with Dad. Plus, I have a confession.

When Dad called about a possible ride today, I was deep into an addiction to the computer game Darwinia. I’m warning you, don’t play it unless you have a big chunk of time to spend having a ball!

I used to work in the computer game biz, in the 80s, and they had long since lost its appeal for me. So it was a surprise on Friday that I downloaded it, tinkered a bit, and by Saturday was hooked. I spent 17 hours straight playing that day and I even got a light burn on my legs from my metal laptop heating up from all the 3D number crunching. Today I already had about three hours in when Dad called. He was on the fence about riding, so it was my call. I was sorely tempted to blow it off and keep playing the game.

Somehow I had the self-discipline to choose a ride. I knew intellectually I needed to get outdoors and away from this brilliant game. So, I told Dad I was coming over, quit the game (well, I played for ten more minutes, so I could pause without being in mid-battle) and went for the ride. And it was great! I thought this was my fifth ride of the year, because my legs felt fantastic compared to the last few rides, and I was just starting to get that great feeling that the lower, rolling hills are getting easy.

For lots of reasons, today was a great day. I even got out tonight to for some stargazing, but that’s another blog entry.

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