2006- Ride #3 16.8 miles, 60.2 total.

I thought I could sneak in 20+ miles before the rain rolled in, but the skies turned dark fast.

It was a dicey ride today. First, my body is very stiff and painful following a marathon plumbing session at my wife’s condo last Saturday. I haven’t hurt this bad, this deep in my muscles and around my joints since 1999. I thought a ride would help work out the knots, and thankfully it really did. I’m pooped, but not sore, which is great. The second complicating factor was getting home in time to shower and meet a friend for dinner. And finally, of course, the impending rain. I’m grateful for the 16 miles today, and maybe Thursday Dad and I will get out for an even better ride.

Today’s Stoopid Stuff Stuck In My Head During The Ride was Neil Young’s Cinnamon Girl as sung by Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs (iTunes required for link). It’s a little slower than my usual pace, which was fine for today. And I like that haunting ambience. They were on Jay or Dave or Craig (late night TV here in the US) in the last few weeks, and it stayed with me. Unlike a lot of the Stoopid Stuff, this passenger was a welcome one.

Matthew Sweet & Susanna Hoffs - Under the Covers Vol. 1 - Cinnamon Girl

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