2006- Ride #2 24.0 miles, 43.4 total. And I just beat the rain home.

A solo ride today. I needed to get outdoors and get some perspective on what looked like pending bad news. I got home, spent, and got the bad news. Still in all, life is good.

It was a good, long ride, and I’m completely sore, but in a pretty good place mentally and emotionally. It wasn’t one of my regular routes—I changed the end to avoid the Twin Towers (two very large hills at the end of the ride). It adds a few miles, but it kept me on the bike and not pushing it. As Martha Stewart would say, “It’s a good thing.”

Just as I was getting the mail and walking up the driveway with my bike, the rain started. It was just a squall that blew through, but it was enough to have made a mess of my Bacchetta Corsa (my bike) had I arrived home five minutes later. I think it adds enjoyment to a ride when I can sneak one in before the weather turns bad. It’s like a found day, or like prising victory from the jaws of defeat.

Oh, and let’s all welcome back an old segment from early Bicycling blog entries: Today’s Stoopid Stuff Stuck In My Head During The Ride was Electric Light Orchestra’s Mr. Blue Sky (iTunes required for link). The ride did start with broken blue skies, but I don’t think that’s where my subconscious was heading…

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