Link: 100 most mispronounced English words

Which is the correct pronunciation, nuke-lee-ar or nuke-you-lar? Ant-are-tic or ant-arc-tic? Card sharp or card shark? Chomp or champ at the bit? Do you drink expresso or espresso? Or do you, for all intensive purposes, even care? This site gives you the answers, some of which will likely surprise the most accomplished conversationalist.

I must admit, I don’t agree with one or two, but I’m inclined to believe I’m mistaken. For instance, never pronounce the “t” in often? OK, but I’d just learned what I thought was the right way. Or, there is no “s” in pernickety? In some cases, I think it might be easier to find another word, like “particular,” or “fussy.” In truth, there must be such a thing as being too pernickety, but the list is fun irregardless. (Just kidding, I meant “regardless”).

While I’m on the topic, what’s the deal with “utilize?” (Do I hear Jerry Seinfeld?) Who would ever utilize this word, when you can use “use?”

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