New! A Jean Shepherd podcast called, “The Brass Figlagee.”

As I wrote in January, I had been giving serious thought to creating a podcast to spread the work of Jean Shepherd. Mr. Shepherd is perhaps most well-known for his movie, “A Christmas Story,” but Shep fans have been listening to his various radio programs and PBS specials since the early 1950s. Thankfully, many of those fans have saved his shows over the years, and the shows are now available as public-domain MP3 files. Since it takes a lot of patience and time to download the ≈13 Gigabytes of shows, why not make it a podcast? Listening is easier than ever. The Brass Figlagee podcast is now up and running. Visit the home page here, or subscribe via iTunes here.

I was fortunate to get a lot of moral support from the Shepherd online community, and the other Shep podcaster (whose toes I was concerned about stepping on) seems happy to be moving on to other creative endeavors. So, almost two months after having the idea, it is reality, and has shaped up well. It is in the iTunes Music Store, and the home page has several ways to listen, thanks to feedback from fans. Have a look!

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