Junk FAXes

Junk FAXes are a minor annoyance. Until they start coming at 2AM.

Jan has to have a FAX machine for business, even though it is used very rarely. She has given the number to less than 5 people. Still, starting about 18 months ago, we started receiving unsolicited FAXes for vacation deals, and mostly “golden opportunity” stock picks. At first it was every day around 10AM and again around 5 or 6PM. We got used to listening for the FAX tone before even saying, “Hello?” and we’d just hang up.

Junk FAXes are illegal. And if telemarketers can’t call after a certain hour of night, I hope that FAXing residences between 2AM and 5AM is doubly illegal.

Thankfully, there are a few resources available to recipients of unsolicited FAXes. After an internet search, I filed an online complaint with the FCC, who contacted me by phone (!) for more information and copies of the offending FAXes. I have since sent them a few more batches. The number of junk FAXes has decreased, but we still get a few a week, and more often they wake us up around 2AM.

If you’re having similar problems, here are a few useful links:

FCC links

Third-Party Links (these were interesting reads, but I didn’t use and don’t know about the quality of any services they offer)

Some of the third-party links (and there are more) should probably be taken with a grain of salt, especially when they make it seem easy to collect tens of thousands of dollars in judgments against illegal FAXers. And unfortunately, since the onset of my problems, President Bush and our Republican-controlled Congress have seen fit to weaken the laws against unsolicited FAXes. Nevertheless, there are many options for citizens who want the calls to slow down or stop.

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