Observation Log 2/19/06: Practice Pays Off

The sky was clear and dark tonight, and cold or not, I spent about 30 minutes outside. The good news is that my new approach seems to be working very well. In the space of 10 moonless minutes, I relocated all of my recent targets and a few more old friends: Kemble’s Cascade; the Perseus Double Cluster; the cluster around Mirfak in Perseus, Mars and the Pleiades; Saturn and the Beehive Cluster; the Christmas Tree Cluster (which the Canon 10×30 Image Stabilizing binoculars are just not up to); the Orion Nebula (looking clearer than I’ve seen in a while); even the Andromeda Galaxy, very low in city-glow to the northwest; and some plain old aimless starhopping. It was fun, rewarding, and gratifying to feel more comfortable in the sky.

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