More Science meets Art- but this time you can own it! Someday when my ship comes in, I’m getting one…

Computer 3D Art Take the ability to create 3D models from computer files, add George W. Hart’s gift for visualizing and capturing intricate, seemingly impossible figures into those computer files, and you have some of the coolest, most complex art pieces you can hold in your hand. And thanks to the Bathsheba Grossman Gallery, you can purchase specially-treated, hand-crafted copies that will last a lifetime.

One if the way-cool innovations in the last decade or two is three-dimensional printing. Using special powder or liquid, and a highly-focussed heat source like a laser, it is now possible to build, layer-by-layer, a model of anything you can describe in three dimensions. Anthropologists have used this technology to create copies of mummy’s skulls using only CAT scan or MRI data. Engineers use these printers, which they call Rapid Prototyping Machines, to build early models of machines or parts they are designing.

That’s the quick history. Then George W. Hart, a sculptor, author, and Very Bright Guy applied his knowledge of linear algebra, geometry, and dimensional analysis (and likely much, much more) to the technology, and developed the formulae and programs to visualize and print these intricate, beautiful objets d’art. Check it out!

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