Observation Log 2/3/06: Got Kemble’s Cascade!

Kemble's Cascade Yeah, finally!

It was rainy all day, and foggy after that. I really didn’t expect anything tonight, but luck was on my side. I went out around 9:30PM, and saw stars, so I grabbed the Canon 10×30 Image Stabilizing binoculars and spent about 45 minutes searching for Kemble’s Cascade.

This time I knew the trick of doubling the distance from the ends of Cassiopeia’s ‘W’ to find the region and orientation of the Cascade. This time I knew it would fit in one field of view (D’oh!). And after spending a few hours trying to create an asterism file for Starry Night to show the Cascade, I knew the shapes and triangles at the ends, and what to look for. There doesn’t seem to be a definitive guide as to which stars actually belong and which don’t, unfortunately. But I got the general idea.

The upper sky was hazy, and light pollution was worse than usual. Plus, being a Friday night, there were a lot of cars going by, shining their lights in my eyes. Seeing was poor. I spent most of the time outside just trying to pick out more stars with averted vision, but I wasn’t seeing anything dimmer than about magnitude 8.5, and at that with time and effort.

Anyway, I finally found it, and it now I can find it pretty easily. I’m going to try the Oberwerks binoculars next time, to try and tease out more of the dimmer stars.


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One Comment on “Observation Log 2/3/06: Got Kemble’s Cascade!”

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