Heavenly bodies I want to see (revision 2)

In view of my new priorities, here’s a new, more focussed list (pardon the pun).

Pluto Neptune-naked eye (obviously, need a really dark sky for that) Lunar eclipse @ high magnification More lunar craters, rilles & Apollo landing sites Zodiacal light

And, from Starry Night:

Name Kind Mag Constellation
M37 Open Cluster 6 Auriga
M36 Open Cluster 6.5 Auriga
M38 Open Cluster 7 Auriga
M35 Open Cluster 5.5 Gemini
M45 (Pleiades, Seven Sisters) Open Cluster 1.37 Taurus
NGC 884 (Perseus Double Cluster) Open Cluster 6.08 Perseus
NGC 869 (Perseus Double Cluster) Open Cluster 5.29 Perseus
M34 Open Cluster 6 Perseus
M103 Open Cluster 7 Cassiopeia
NGC 1977 Open Cluster 7 Orion
M48 Open Cluster 5.5 Hydra
M43 (de Mairan?s Nebula) Diffuse Nebula 7 Orion
NGC 457 (Owl Cluster) Open Cluster 6.4 Cassiopeia
M46 Open Cluster 6.5 Puppis
NGC 7789 Open Cluster 6.7 Cassiopeia
M41 (Little Beehive) Open Cluster 5 Canis Major
M51 (Whirlpool Galaxy) Galaxy 8 Canes Venatici
M93 Open Cluster 6.5 Puppis
M3 Globular Cluster 7 Canes Venatici
NGC 2451 Open Cluster 3.5 Puppis
NGC 2477 Open Cluster 5 Puppis
NGC 1851 Globular Cluster 7.08 Columba
M13 (Hercules Cluster) Globular Cluster 7 Herculesaa
NGC 3201 Globular Cluster 6.79 Vela
M5 Globular Cluster 7 Serpens Caput
M15 (Pegasus Cluster) Globular Cluster 7.5 Pegasus
Coathanger Clustee Unknown 5.12 Vulpecula
NGC 5128 (Centaurus A) Galaxy 7.58 Centaurus
M2 Globular Cluster 7.5 Aquarius
NGC 7293 (Helix Nebula) Planetary Nebula 6.5 Aquarius
M10 Globular Cluster 7.5 Ophiuchus
M23 Open Cluster 6 Sagittarius
M25 Open Cluster 4.9 Sagittarius
M21 Open Cluster 7 Sagittarius
NGC 6231 Open Cluster 2 Scorpius
M8 (Lagoon Nebula) Cluster with Nebulosity 5 Sagittarius
M22 (Sagittarius Cluster) Globular Cluster 6.5 Sagittarius
M7 (Ptolemy’s Cluster) Open Cluster 3.5 Scorpius
NGC 6388 Globular Cluster 6.7 Scorpius

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