My web site is expanding!

iLife '06 box With Apple’s release of iLife ’06 and iWeb, I suddenly have a lot more options for putting content on the web in cool ways. My main page will eventually move here when I finish designing it and populating it (feel free to check out the interim version). But iBlog will remain my blogging tool, and my blog will remain right here, though it will become an ancillary page instead of the main entry point. I wish iBlog was even more powerful, but it has many more features than iLife 06’s built-in tool.

I have a lot of ideas and plans for the new, improved, integrated site. For instance, as a foster-care home, my house has been a haven for perhaps 50 cats and kittens over the years, and I have a boxful of too-cute pictures I’d love to share. And there are more trips and events whose pictures I’d like to upload. An online resume would help my job search. I’d like to post some short movies of my wedding and my bicycling. As I mentioned before, a Jean Shepherd podcast is very much on my mind. So, there’s lots to do.

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