I’ve been thinking of starting a Jean Shepherd podcast…

Shep was a one of the great humorists from the 50s to the 80s, and most nights he waxed eloquent on the radio, and his gift for insight and articulation fascinated and inspired generations. There are a handful of sites to revisit his genius, such as Jean Shepherd – A Salute, Jean Shepherd Archive, The Jean Shepherd Project, Jean Shepherd Web Site and Jean Shepherd Site. There is one podcast, JeanShepherdPodcast, but sadly it’s sporadically updated. As of this writing, the last update was four months ago.

Podcasting seems the ideal way to keep Shep’s work alive. Imagine being able to hear a “new” Shep show or clip every day!

So, I’ve been looking into podcasting, and what it takes to make it happen. I would love to start a new podcast and feed it daily with the gigabytes of old shows I’ve collected from around the internet. The Jean Shepherd Archive is a fantastic site, but poor Charles Hayden is paying to serve over 300G a month. I’ve exchanged emails with Charles, and he’s been very encouraging about alternative ways to get Shep’s shows back out to the listening public: fans who discovered him in adolescence like myself and perhaps even a new generation.

Technically, and cost-wise, it seems pretty easy. Setting it up would be the hardest part. I was thinking of using the free OurMedia site to host the content (read about OurMedia here), perhaps put a simple web page up on Blogger.com, and cobble together the podcast feed (a relatively simple XML file) by hand. Each day, or perhaps each weekday, I’d have to upload a file and add about 15 lines to the XML file. I wouldn’t review or gush about each show; I’ve been lucky to collect far more than I ever heard live, and I’ll be catching up for years. I expect the web page to change little. I rarely visit the sites of podcasts I like to listen to, I just listen!

Maybe I’m overreacting, but I don’t want to step on the toes of the existing podcaster. I’ve left a comment on his blog, hoping he’ll see it and respond in the not-too-distant future. I’d be happy to be part of a team keeping the shows coming out regularly–it’s not about me. If I could, I’d do it completely anonymously.

Anyway, if you have any thoughts, interest, feedback, encouragement, discouragement, or what-have-you, feel free to leave a comment or write. Thanks. I can be reached at s h e p f a n A-T m a c d o t you-know-what. (I hate spam!)

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