Where has Steve been THIS time?

Where the heck does the time go, anyway?

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a similar entry here in Administrivia. Last summer was not great health-wise, and a disappointment bike-wise. I did have more time for stargazing, which was nice. Since last September, I’ve been working full-time hours at the Apple Store, and taking on more responsibilities. Dealing with the public while juggling the many aspects of running a service business is very draining, an extreme example of multitasking. I love the work, but I have little left for myself when I get home. I usually have to sleep an hour or two after work.

Between this, retail hours, working most weekends, getting out of shape, enduring a wet cold spring, and generally isolating (when I’m not crashing) at home on the couch, I’ve had no time for anything but casual stargazing without the ‘scope. I do it at every opportunity, but it’s nothing to blog about. No time for bicycling. Little time to spend with Jan or family. Busy, busy zzzzzzzzzzz, busy.

On the positive side, I’m getting married in October!

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