A New Year, a New Bike! (A Late Start!) 2005- Ride #1: 19.4 miles, 19.4 total.

Dad & I hit Carlisle for the first time in a really long time. And, another new addition to the stable!

Bacchetta Corsa recumbent bike Being a full-time Mac Genius has left very little time for anything else, and it’s been such a wet, cold spring that there have been virtually no opportunities for bicycle rides. Still, that didn’t stop the paterfamilias and myself from visiting the Local Bike Shop, dropping some serious shekels on a pair of new bikes, and finally getting out today for our usual ride. It was a Top 10 day weather-wise. I was less than wise in skipping the sun block–I have the worst sunburn I’ve had in years. Still, the ride was glorious, and my new Bacchetta Corsa was the best bike I’ve ever ridden or expect to own. It was unbelievably quiet while coasting, and the feel under power somehow spoke to me of many fun, fast rides to come.

See, I feel that a few years on a BikeE, with its comfortable upright position and easy transition from a traditional diamond-frame bike was necessary, at least for me. Not only are there new muscle groups to train, but new skills to learn. Recumbents as a group tend to be skittish–it’s a rare ‘bent that can be ridden without hands–and so it takes more concentration, and paradoxically, more relaxation. especially at low speeds. One really has to “be the bike” moreso than on a DF. On the BikeE, I found that the most secure way to steer at low speed was by concentrating on where my rear end was, and (strange though it sounds) steering from there. I.e., being the bike. With the much more laid-back Corsa highracer, I find it helps to concentrate on my shoulders leaning back, relaxing into the comfortable seat. When I tense up, I come up off the seat, raise my center of gravity, and steer more jerkily. It’s a skill I still need to work on, but even with one hour’s test riding, and today’s Real Ride, I am loving this bicycle!

One other tidbit. I’ve never had a cycle computer with a cadence readout before, though I’ve wanted one. I like it a lot. I’d always thought I was averaging 90+ RPMs on the pedals, which is the ideal way for ‘bent riders to make up for their inability to stand up in the pedals. I was surprised to find out I’m not spinning nearly as well as I’d thought, more like an average of 80, and as low as 70. So, the new computer, a CatEye Astrale 8, has already taught me to start refining my technique. Especially if I want to keep up with the DF bikes on the group rides in my bike club. So far, I’ve been able to change a few minds about ‘bents being pokey, but only when I’m in pretty decent shape. (Which is not now!)

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One Comment on “A New Year, a New Bike! (A Late Start!) 2005- Ride #1: 19.4 miles, 19.4 total.”

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