Observation Log 9/2/04

Mom & Dad get their first look at Uranus.

I brought my Oberwerk 11×70 binoculars and a tripod with me to the folks’ house, hoping I’d get a chance to find Uranus again for them to see. Luck was on my side, even though the southern haze was pretty bad from their house. I tried it again when I got home to darker skies, and sure enough, I had found it correctly. I got another look at Neptune as well.

To my surprise, I see as much through the Canon 10×30 Image Stabilizing binoculars as I do through the standard Oberwerks 11x70s. I would have thought that I’d have (lessee, π r ^ 2; 707 square mm vs 3848 square mm…) about 5.4 times the light gathering power, but even on a tripod, they are quite similar. Note to self: If this keeps up (and maybe it’s a haze problem?) sell the Oberwerks and buy the Canon image-stabilized 15 x 50s. Expensive, but the little Canons are just incredible.

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