Observation Log 9/1/04

Uranus’s second sighting; Neptune’s first!

Again I went out for about an hour with my Canon 10x30IS binoculars. I spotted a lot of Aquarius and Capricorn while star hopping to the planets, but I got two confirmed sightings. Neptune, at 7.84 magnitude, was at the limit of my optics, my eyes, and the seeing. But I spotted it both with indirect, and finally direct vision. I found that getting both eyepieces in exact focus simultaneously was critical to seeing something as dim as Neptune. The Image Stabilization was critical, too–the batteries conked out for a bit, and I couldn’t find anything with all the shaking.

I logged a few more sightings, mostly used for star-hopping to the planets. I tried to spot NGC 7293, and found a handful of stars surrounding it, but no joy. Here’s what I did see: 19 Capricorni, 3 Capricorni, 47 Aquarii, 58 Aquarii, 66 Aquarii, 68 Aquarii, Algedi (Al Giedi), Alpha1 Capricorni, Ancha, Dabih, Eta Aquarii, HIP100325, HIP103703, HIP103825, HIP103920, HIP104297, HIP110590, HIP110707, HIP110786, Nu Capricorni, Omicron Capricorni, Pi Aquarii, Pi Capricorni, Rho Aquarii, Rho Capricorni, Sadachbia, Sadal Melik, Sigma Aquarii, Theta Capricorni, TYC6350-1098-1, Upsilon Aquarii, Upsilon Capricorni, Zeta1 Aquarii.

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