Observation Log 8/25/04

4:30AM, unable to sleep? Go outside in pajamas and look up!

In the evening, before bed, I enjoyed the moon through the Canon 10×30 Image Stabilizing binoculars for a while. The mosquitoes were enjoying me even more, I think.

So yes, it was 4:30AM, and I got up, wide awake. I hadn’t intended to stargaze, but I just had to give it a try. Hoping the ‘skeeters had all gone to bed, I grabbed the Canons and went outside for a while. I haven’t seen Venus since the transit on June 8th… Wow is it bright right now in the early morning sky! I didn’t see anything new, but had fun picking out Cassiopeia, Auriga, Perseus & Andromeda, Orion & Taurus from a new and unusual angle. The seeing was especially fine, and the moon had set. A surprising number of cars were on the road. What’s the matter, never seen an amateur astronomer in his pajamas before?

Cars or not, chill or not, it was good to see the sky again. It’s been so cloudy the local astronomy club has cancelled nearly all of their observing nights. The Perseids were lost behind the clouds this year. The last few evenings have made up for the bad spell, at least a little bit. Since Jan is working late again, maybe I’ll get out a little later tonight as well.

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