What if my iPod battery does wear out some day?

Is it true that iPod batteries can’t be replaced? Nooooo.

If and when your iPod battery does fail, you have a few options. First, if your iPod is still in warrantee (1 year standard, or two years with AppleCare for iPod), Apple will replace batteries under warrantee. (There is a $29.95 shipping & handling fee after six months, which is waived of you have AppleCare for iPod) If your iPod is out of warrantee, and a new battery will bring your iPod back to full working order, Apple offers a $99 battery replacement program. See the web page for more information, such as how to determine if your battery needs replacement, and how to apply.

There are other options for owners of out-of-warrantee iPods. Other World Computing sells a replacement battery for first- and second-generation iPods (those without a dock connector), and offers an installation service as well. Also, iPodResQ offers a mail-in battery replacement for all iPods. And Small Dog offers do-it-yourself kits for all iPods. For lots more rumor debunking, information, and resources, see the iPod Battery FAQ site, which is not affiliated with Apple Computer.

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