Observation Log 6/20/04

Solstice Day, and a few more firsts.

10 to 11:30PM. It was just too clear to not go out for while tonight. I brought the laptop, Starry Night Pro software, and the Canon 10×30 Image Stabilizing binoculars. Everything was naked-eye, except as noted.

I saw Ophiuchus for the first time! I could only get pieces of Serpens Cauda and Serpens Caput—contrast was poor in the southern sky. I even needed the binocs to finish Ophiuchus’ feet, which were near the horizon.

Draco was another first, and much easier than I’d have guessed. I also spotted Lyra, Hercules (only for the second time, and the first time under home skies), Corona Borealis, Boötes, Cepheus, Cygnus, Aquila, Ursa Minor, an Iridium satellite, a few unlisted circumpolar satellites, and a few meteors…

A full, fun night, and it’s always fun to bag a few firsts!

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